PN 85020 Taper Pins – Metric Carbon Steel Cylindrical Set Pins


PN 85020 taper pins – Parts4world supply Metric & Imperial PN 85020 taper pins, straight pins, cylindrical pins,  set pins.

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PN 85020 taper pins – 45# Carbon steel metric cylindrical set pins – heat treatment or unhardened straight taper pins

PN 85020 taper pins is a solid, cylindrical pin with a constant taper that runs the length of the pin used for either fastening or locating, it also called tapered pins.

Taper pin is a rod-shaped fastener used to position and secure items together. With one end slightly larger in diameter than the other, their taper typically follows a standard increment in inches or millimeters.

Parts4world standard taper pins have a machined finish to increase the friction that holds everything together.

DIN 1 taper pins
PN85020 taper pins
PN 85020 Cylindrical Taper Pins (Set Pins) – Heat Treatment
Technical information:
Norm: PN 85020 – Cylindrical Taper Pin, Straight Pins
Available material: Carbon steel, 45# Steel, Q235, stainless steel…
Finishing available: heat treatment, nature and according to your requirements.
Measurement Unit: Metric (mm) / Imperial (inch)
DIN1 Taper Pins
PN85020 Tapered Pins
DIN1 taper pins
PN85020 tapered pins

l – pin length (Optional)

c – height of the ball end

r – radius

d1 – pin diameter (Smaller End)

Specification information:
d1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 16
c max 0,3 0,45 0,6 0,75 0,9 1,2 1,5 1,8 2,5
r 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 16

Just let us know your what spcifications you wanted: d1 x Length

DIN1 taper pins
PN 85020 tapered pins
PN 85020 Equivalent Norms:

DIN 1 | ISO 2339 | CSN 22153 | DIN EN 22339 | PN 85020 | UNI 7283 | EU 22339 | GB 117

din1 taper pins
PN85020 straight taper pins


Custom-made design of Straight Taper Pin PN 85020 are available.

OEM orders are welcome.

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Carbon steel
45# Steel
Stainless steel


Taper Pins


Automotive fasteners


ISO 2339
CSN 22153
DIN EN 22339
PN 85020
UNI 7283
EU 22339
GB 117


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