DIN EN 24017 – Hex Bolts Full Thread / Metric Hexagon Head Cap Screws


DIN EN 24017 hex bolts full thread – Parts4world supply Metric & Imperial DIN EN 24017 full threaded hex head bolts & cap screws.

OEM and custom-made design are welcome.  If you need produce DIN EN 24017 custom full thread hex bolts, hex cap scerws and special fasteners, just send us a E-mail: order@parts4world.com


DIN EN 24017 Hexagon Bolts  – A2 / 304 stainless steel metric hex head cap screws – full thread bolts

DIN EN 24017 Hex Bolts and hexagon head cap screws are metric externally threaded fasteners with a hexagonal washer faced head and a chamfered tip to facilitate mating with an internally threaded component. DIN EN24017 hex cap screws have a fully threaded shank and are manufactured to very strict tolerances.

Parts4world supply various of metric standard fasteners & custom fasteners. The DIN EN24017 hex bolts, hex cap screws and other inch and metric industrial fasteners all are available for standard fasteners or custom requirements.
The metric DIN EN24017 Hexagon Head Bolts / Hexagon Head Cap Screws are available in Diameters ranging from M2 to M52, and material in A2 and marine grade A4 stainless steel as well as aluminum, brass nylon and steel.

DIN933 Hex Bolts Full thread A4-70
DIN EN24017 hex head bolts full thread A4-70
DIN EN 24017 Hex Head Bolts Full Thread (Stainless Steel) – Hex Head Cap Screws
Technical information:
Norm: DIN EN24017 – Hexagon Bolts Full Thread / Hex Head Cap Screws
Available material: A2, A4, 304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, brass, nylon…
Finishing availabe: nature or according to your requirements.
Measurement Unit: Metric (mm) / Imperial (inch)
DIN933 Hex Bolts Full Thread Stainless Steel A2-70
DIN EN24017 Hex Bolts Full Thread Stainless Steel A2-70

l – length of bolt (Optional)

d – the nominal diameter of the thread

k – head height

r – radius

e – the diameter of the circumscribed circle (not less than)

s – size hex head turnkey

c – thickness of the mounting collar

a – ;ength undercut


Specification information:

Custom-made design of Hex head bolts full thread DIN EN24017 are available.

OEM orders are welcome.

Just visist our website for order any custom machined parts:  https://www.parts4world.com


stainless steel
carbon steel


DIN 933
ISO 4017
CSN 21103
DIN EN 24017
PN 82105
UNI 5739
EU 24017
GB 5783
ANSI B18.2.3.1M
ASME B18.2.3.1M
NFE 25-114
IS 1364-2


Hex head bolts with full thread
Hex head cap screws


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